Jane Foshee

Our German Shepherd has made wonderful strides in becoming the dog we want her to be. Not only is our dog being trained, but the emphasis is placed on the owner knowing how to handle the dog. We highly recommend Bethel Kennels. 


Bethel Kennels has trained 3 dogs for my family over the years. We will never have a dog that hasn't been trained by Mr. Simmons. The knowledge and methods he uses are fantastic. 

Elizabeth Patrenos

My German Shepherd is an absolute joy! She is also a strong-willed working dog that I would not be able to enjoy had I not received training at Bethel Kennels. Mr. Simmons trained ME to understand, appreciate and communicate with my dog, and I am forever grateful. We continue training because we enjoy it so much, and it has allowed me to have the kind of relationship with my dog that I always wanted.

Kris & Kristi Cornutt

My husband and I have had dogs as pets all our lives, but we brought a rescue dog into our home a few months ago and quickly realized we might not be able to keep her. She had tremendous energy, didn't trust people and we were unable to control her in our home. I found Bethel Kennel online and asked my Vet about them. My Vet knew Joe and encouraged us to take her there for help. We saw a change in her after the very first visit and have been overwhelmed at the changes we continue to see week after week. She is literally a different dog!! She is becoming a wonderful family pet and companion. The investment is small compared to the results achieved and scheduling sessions is very flexible. We would highly recommend Bethel Kennel to anyone who wants to learn how to be a responsible dog owner and have a well behaved dog!! Joe Simmons has been so easy to work with and explains everything you need to know and do to succeed. Thank you Joe, Rashad and Mrs. Simmons!! We look forward to even more advancement in our Bella

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